The amazing Natron Lake

natron lake

Africa, a continent with a wild beauty, a continent where, from north to south, “Mother Nature” has been committed in a special way to create places, landscapes and unique colors!

Tanzania is a country in East Africa that overlooks the Indian Ocean that symbolizes really this commitment!

Now The Golden Scope shows a peculiarity of this nation, a place of shocking beauty: the Lake Natron.

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This alkaline lake, the name comes from Natrum which means soda, is located in the African Rift Valley about 600 meters above sea level, near the border with Kenya, and it seems to “caress” the Vulcan Gelai that maybe is there… just to protect the lake…

Its depth is only 3 meters and its extension varies depending on the seasons and, the evaporation of water; in the dry season, the lake is colored with an intense and characteristic red color, that tends to orange, alternating here and there, with the white streaks due to the accumulation of sodium.

The other spectacular appearance is a direct consequence of its chemical composition. The water is absolutely undrinkable for any species of animal and bird because it is very caustic; the only bird that can survive in this area is the flamingo.

In fact, this elegant bird is naturally equipped with a protective stratum corneum on the legs and on the beak. It’s possible to see a fascinating “blanket” of flamingos that usually covers the surface of the lake. This fact has also attracted the attention of Disneynature, one of the divisions of the famous Walt Disney Pictures, and it dedicated a nature documentary titled “The Mystery of the Flamingos”.

It’s really incredible, almost to the limits of science, but everything is documented by many pictures: about 2 million flamingos live and reproduce in this hostile environment because the area is off limits for predators! All that is “certified” by photo depicting some animals or birds dead on the banks of the lake.

African continent offers wonders as Lake Natron, who visits Africa are infected with a mild disease: the pain of Africa, a strange feeling… the intense desire to return there soon because, after visiting Africa… nothing can be the same again…


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