An alien scenery on Earth

An alien scenery on Earth

Ethiopia is a country to be discovered but few people, without seeing the photos, believe in what The Golden Scope says in the title of this article…

In a wide desolate area, named Afar Triangle and also known as Danakil Depression, there is an unusual landscape on our planet… it’s incredible but it is true… it exist!

Acidic hot sources, mountains of sulfur, salt cones, small gas geysers, pools of acid with the edges of salt crystals… everything suggests an alien scenery…

But we are on our earth, in Ethiopia, in Rift Valley and this landscape, with its shocking colors, seems digitally created by a very creative and visionary artist, instead of by mother nature.

The epicenter is Dallol volcano and the meaning of this word is: “dissolved”!

This macabre name is due to the acidic sources scattered over this land, these sources can become some death traps because they are often covered with a  crust that makes them invisible…

Obviously the area is totally uninhabited because of high toxicity of chemical vapors; everything contributes to this unique in the world ” alien setting”!

And finally, we advise the curious and the daredevils who wish to visit this amazing part of Africa, to gear up properly, because there are the highest average temperatures on our planet! In fact, the annual average is over 34 degrees.


T H E   V I D E O S



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