Hot Air Balloon International Festival

Hot Air Balloon International Festival

The Philippines, a wonderful country; thousands of islands with many natural beauties of which we have already written and we have shown through suggestive photos.

Today we talk about the Philippines Hot Air Balloon International Festival, an annual event.

During this spectacular event, fans from all over the world can admire colored balloons with the strangest forms in the sky.

It is absolutely thrilling to observe these special balloons that, on a clear day, can be seen from kilometers away thanks to their bright colors… they are colorful spots on the blue of the sky!

Many of us are afraid to fly by “Hot Air Balloons”… but those who had the fortune… in addition to the “courage”… to make a balloon flight, tell that it is a strong emotion… such a wonderful sense of “freedom” without noise of an airplane engine…

These flights will put us in direct contact with nature, we are between earth and heaven. Try to imagine about the unforgettable experience to attend to a wonderful sunset from up there… especially if it is one of the beautiful sunsets that often the Philippines gives to their visitors…

Now you have one more reason to visit this country because when you are there, you will not forget to visit Clark Field where there is a small airport from which, although it will not be going on the annual festival, you can leave for a unforgettable hot air balloon tours among the thousands of islands of the Philippines!

However, while waiting to go on site, enjoy the best photos of the recent editions of the International Festival of Balloons!


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