Marina di Camerota, the pearl of Cilento

Marina di Camerota, the pearl of Cilento

Marina di Camerota, in the province of Salerno, is one of the most beautiful Italian coastal little town, it’s in the Cilento National Park a site included in the World Heritage UNESCO list.

Its beaches are considered among the best in Europe for the quality of the water sea and for the natural environment.

One of its main features is that, unlike other more famous seaside resort, Marina di Camerota has retained its ancient center with narrow streets that pass under arches and vaults, and then, continue with very suggestive bridges and staircases.

From June 2011, with Jesolo, is one of two Italian centers with specially beaches dedicated to naturist tourism.

From the end of spring until early autumn there are several events that make the stay of the vacationers more enjoyable.

In fact, in the last weekend of May there is a musical event, lasting three days, with bands and singers until late at night. Every concert is free and on the stage performing also various kinds dance groups. You should know that the creator and artistic director is the priest Don Gianni Citro.

Then in mid-September there is the “Fisherman’s Feast”, originally created to commemorate the fishermen, there is also a memorial in the local harbor. Afterward, this Feast became also the “bluefish festival” including various cultural events and performances.

In 1962 the coast of Marina di Camerota was chosen as the location of The Argonauts 2 of Don Chaffey, a British production kolossal.


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