Unique dive sites

Unique dive sites

Any diving location can really thrill and educate enthusiastic divers—even a swimming pool, when diving for the first time!

However, there are some dive sites that offer just that little bit of extra that makes them truly stand out from the rest.

To be clear, by “little bit of extra” we mean something mysterious and fascinating, which can be found in underwater ruins and/or in deep caves.

Diving in a reef is, indeed, extraordinary, but how many times have you seen that scenery? How many times have you admired weirdly shaped corals and colourful fish?

If you’re on for something a little more different, then take a look at the following places chosen by The Golden Scope. Each and every one of the five locations described below is unique in its own way, and will promise to take divers beyond the ordinary diving experience.


Mahengetang is located between Siau and Sangihe Islands, and it is among the few active underwater volcanos that you can dive at. The underwater volcano, which is called Banua Wuhu, rises more than 400 m from the sea floor.


This is a massive underwater rock formation off the coast of Yonaguni, in the Ryukyu Islands. The diving spot consists of very fine sandstones and mudstones, which are all believed to have been deposited about 20 million years ago.


This was the first harbour to be specifically built as a base for the Roman western naval fleet. The port was on a peninsula located at the northern end of the gulf of Naples, and now it is completely immersed in the sea.


The Great Blue Hole is a large submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize. The hole is circular in shape and it is 124 m deep. It is part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, and it has also been declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Raja Ampat is located in West Papua (Indonesia) and it is more commonly known as Irian Jaya. This site is not just incredibly wonderful for the immense biodiversity that can be found in its waters, but it also features a beautiful landscape of large domes of limestone overlooking pristine lagoons and reefs.


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