Paje, the pearl of Zanzibar Island

Paje - zanzibar

The archipelago of Zanzibar, Tanzania, is located in the Indian Ocean, just below the equator, and it is separated from Africa by only 35 kilometers.

Unguja is the main island of the archipelago, a natural paradise where the people have always lived on fishing and the cultivation of red algae; only recently it has begun to open up to tourism.

Staying in one of its romantic guest-houses is an unique experience not only because they are very welcoming but also because every room has a veranda where you can enjoy the spectacular evening sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

The island has the beaches with sand so white that the few lucky travelers say about it “sand with talcum powder effect”. Who visit this isle is also attracted by the myth of Zanzibar and the “Arabian Nights”, the famous oriental tales.

Among the villages, Paje not to be missed, it’s located on the east coast of the island,  its endless white beach, with palm trees, with the tide that often makes it “immense” where to discover the marine life up to 300 meters from the coast… it’s a wonderful spectacle of nature!

Moreover, the beach is considered, by the lovers of the sport, the kingdom of Kite-surfer; a landscape even more impressive with multicolored parachute that ply the blue sky while their dart boards on the waves of the emerald green sea ….

Another special feature is the red algae cultivation in the shallow water near the beach. It appears as a garden cared by the women.

Finally, the masterpiece that Mother Nature has created a short distance from the beach in Paje: the reef, famous for diving and snorkeling in the company of colorful fish, dolphins and turtles.


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