Around the world with Halloween

Around the world with Halloween

Traveling, seeing the world and to know cultures and traditions… no limits…. all five continents… This is the passion that unites The Golden Scope and its readers: ” exploring the strange, fascinating and wonderful ” our Wonderful World!

Tonight we take the opportunity of Halloween, so we’ll go, together you, around the world to see how this festivity is perceived in some various parts of our planet.

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There are different versions about its origins but we like the one linked to the Celtic Samhain, which in Old Irish means “summer’s end”, because it evokes the beautiful landscapes of Ireland.

The USA is home of the modern meaning attributed to the ancient Anglo-Saxon feast. Here stands the symbolism related to the occult, starting from famous carved pumpkin. Every year more than 65% of Americans celebrate Halloween especially decorating their homes and even offices almost  if it were Christmas.

In Europe there are ” specific features ” according to the nation:

In Austria before going to sleep each family prepares on the table of the dining room a lighted lamp, some bread and water, as a sign of welcome for the dead who return only on this night …

In Slovakia, on Halloween night, so many chairs as there are members of the family, both living and died, are positioned in front of the fireplace.

In Ireland, of course, the festivities are deeply felt and in rural areas it is a tradition to light the bonfires, as the Celts, around which people and especially children with traditional clothes dance creating an atmosphere of yesteryear.

The Asian continent is characterized by Chinese celebrations. At Hong Kong there is the celebration of the “hungry ghosts” people belief that for 24 hours the hungry ghosts wander on earth. Pictures of fruit and money are burned so they can comfort to ghosts. In other areas of the country people lit lanterns and placed food and water in front of the photo of the dead to honor them.

In South America, Mexico celebrates the anniversary, decorating the graves with festoons and flowers and each family gets together for a memorial picnic that takes place right in front of the tombs themselves. Then there are also parades in the streets with coffins within which alive people are placed and they are submerged by the launch of fruit and candy.

Staying in the southern hemisphere of our planet, South Africa celebrates the anniversary in the traditional way with disguises that are oriented in the vein of “horror”. In Australia and New Zealand the major television programs are focused on Halloween festivities…people love this night!

Our curious world tour ends…. Only an advice for You…in any continent you are: leave a light on…when you go to sleep… because on this special night … darkness may hold some surprises… Sweet dreams by The Golden Scope!



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