The Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

China, a great country, we have already spoken several times about it, but of which we will speak again because there is a lot of beautiful places to be discovered….

China, a country with a fascinating history and an ancient culture, a country of which The Golden Scope is a fan, and me, the writer of this article, when I was a young man, experienced on site the post Cultural Revolution.

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Today The Golden Scope presents another of the wonders of nature, it is located in the province of Sichuan and it is named: Jiuzhaigou Valley.

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The name of this enchanted land means “Valley of Nine Villages” and originates from the fact that there are these villages inhabited by ethnic Tibetans people; they consider, as sacred places, the rivers and the mountains of the valley.

The landscape is, at the same time, lush and varied, with clear and colored lakes, lush forests and massive mountains covered with snow.

The forest covers an area of approximately 300 km2, it has more than 2500 species of forest trees and over 400 plant species in its undergrowth; it is therefore the extremely hospitable place for birds and animals, among which there are some very rare and endangered species that are protected.

The most famous is the tender panda, the black and white bear; they are ready to play with anyone gifts them some bamboo, they are greedy of it!

The presence of rare plants and animals has meant that in 1992 UNESCO has included this area in the List of World Heritage, to protect it.

A romantic legend tells the origin of the valley: “In ancient times Dago, the god of the mountain, was madly in love with the goddess Semo and he gave her a mirror. Unfortunately, their love was troubled by a demon and the goddess, accidentally broke the mirror shattered into 108 pieces. These fragments fell to the earth and became the wonderful and colorful lakes in the valley”

China, a fascinating country with an ancient culture and a lot of legends, some of which have a historical basis, and they do become extremely suggestive the beautiful places to visit, like the magic Jiuzhaigou Valley!


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