Best places to see holiday lights

Best places to see holiday lights

Today, a few days before Christmas, we concentrate on the best places to view holiday lights.

By “places” we don’t necessary mean cities, but in this article we talk about buildings, parks, and/or a specific area of a town.

From the U.S. to Europe and Asia, enjoy the following list featuring five incredibly beautiful places decorated with wonderful holiday lights!

Vienna, Austria

The decorations cover the city from November 26 until December 31. They are colorful, bright and elegant. Giant chandeliers, Garlands of bulbs and many other decorations create a magical atmosphere.

Callaway Gardens, Georgia

From November 10 until December 31 eight million lights sparkle in the wooded landscape of this resort complex. The place looks like a world from a fairy tale.

Medellín, Colombia

This former drug town is renowned for its shiny holiday lights decorating the streets during the balmy holidays. The decorations can be viewed from early December to mid-January.

Saint Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is a city in Northeast Florida and the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States. The fascinating holiday lights can be viewed from November 19 to mid-January.

Kobe, Japan

During the Christmas period Kobe is decorated with thousands of light bulbs that make the atmosphere as beautiful as it is vibrant. This city is surely among the most wonderful places to be to see holiday lights.

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