Furore, nonexistent village

Furore, nonexistent village

Today The Golden Scope will go together you on the Amalfi Coast, a wonderful Italian stretch of coast…

In ancient times it was part of the Roman Empire and there are still some evidences of that distant period, in the villas on the coast; among which the most important is located in Minori, and probably dates the first century after Christ.

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Amalfi Coast and its villages attract tourists from all over the world;  the best known are Amalfi, Ravello, Vietri sul Mare and Positano, but we want discover another village… surely less famous but absolutely unique!

It’s Furore, a village with just over 800 inhabitants. It has a feature that makes it unique… it fully deserves the definition of “nonexistent village”.

Usually when you think about a village, you think the inevitable square around which develops the village… not for Furore… only paths and stairs… paths and stairs born to allow fishermen to ascend to the small village practically invisible from the coast.

The houses seem to cling to the rock… then rock ends up diving into the clear sea…so who doesn’t know this “nonexistent village”  thinks that Furore is invisible….

Another special feature of Furore is that outside a lot of houses and public buildings are decorated with colorful murals that occult the buildings into rocky cliffs and vegetation.

There is also a deep crack in the rock, called “Fjord of Furore”. It has been created over the centuries thanks to the waters of Schiato creek. It runs from the plateau of Agerola, along the mountain, ending up flowing into the sea. This picturesque corner of the Amalfi Coast has a little fishing village where Roberto Rossellini and Anna Magnani lived during the period of their love-story. It was the set of the film “Love”.


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