Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture

Xishuangbanna Autonomous Prefecture

China, a huge country with the largest population of the planet and a vast territory with the cold north, such as Liaoning Province, and the tropical south as the island of Hainan.

China, a country with a fascinating history and an ancient culture, a country of which The Golden Scope is a fan, and me, the writer of this article, when I was a young man, experienced on site the post Cultural Revolution.

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The Yunnan Province, the name means “south of the clouds”, is in the far southwest of the Chinese nation and it borders on three countries: Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar/Burma. Moreover, its southern part is “crossed” by the Tropic of Cancer.

Yunnan develops over a plateau surrounded by massive mountains including Kawagebo peak, it is the highest, measuring 6740 meters above sea level. In the “lower” part of the province there is the place of which we speak to you today: the autonomous prefecture of Xishuangbanna.

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The prefecture is located on a territory mainly, but not exclusively, flat. It’s crossed by the Mekong River, in China it’s called Lancang, a large river needful and vital both for the lush vegetation, then the transportation of goods.

Xishuangbanna is a natural paradise, with its flat areas in particular located in the lower part of Yunnan Province and also its tropical climate with average annual temperatures around 21 degrees.

Since the late ’80s, when China opened to the world, the prefecture attracts tourists from all over the country but also abroad thanks to its pristine forests. The Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve hosts in its 2.000 km2, some different species of birds, snakes and mammals including a group of about 200 elephants.

Another peculiarity is the fact that this area is inhabited by a lot of population composed of 12 different ethnic groups among them, however, the Dai is the largest because they live there since always…

With all these ethnic groups… it’s not uncommon to see a person dressed with its traditional clothing. So they underline the membership to their specific ethnicity… their traditional clothing are multi-colored and they contribute to creating that atmosphere loved by those who visit the remote and fascinating autonomous prefecture of Xishuangbanna.


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