Romantic Things to do in Abu Dhabi

Heading to Abu Dhabi for your romantic getaway? See what best things you can do in the city.

Dubai has always been the go-to place in UAE, but one cannot underestimate the potential of Abu Dhabi. It is the capital city and brings out the beauty of the country in its own unique way. It is the perfect destination for kids and family, and it is equally favourite among couples. There is the rhythm of nature blend with the action of adventure making it one top holiday spot.

With a drive of 90-minute from Dubai, you and your bae can reach here to spend a romantic tour.

When to visit Abu Dhabi?

Since you are on a romantic vacation, the ideal time would be to fly to the city in October and November, April and early May, which have pleasant weather. The temperatures rise at its sweaty peak (45 to 50°C), from July to September. There is the least number of days when it rains on the desert, and thus the most time of the year, it’s sunshine.


Let’s unfurl the exciting romantic things to do in Abu Dhabi that will keep the love in the air…

Spend a night under the stars in the desert

Desert safari in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is surely a romantic retreat. It is an expedition that embraces the Bedouin lifestyle along with the dozens of opportunities to create memories. Kickstarted with the ultimate dune bashing in the 4WD land cruiser, which is taken forward with the sand boarding and quad biking. The adventure quotient takes a halt as you can hop off and capture a romantic photo shoot in the sunset. Also relish the Barbecue dinner, groove on the belly dancing song and adorn your hands with henna. If you select overnight desert safari, it escapes you from the urban skyscrapers to let you sleep blissfully in the arms of the desert under the star-studded sky, like a journey that can never be forgotten.

Dinner date in the desert

Let this desert discovery be more intimate and peaceful with just you two! Hosted by the luxurious restaurants, the couple can find a lavish dinner arranged in the middle of the Empty Quarter desert. With a private chef in your account, a beautiful set up is done where the dunes are rolling and the sky is brimming with stars. The dining and comfort remain a cosmopolitan affair in this remote location with a stunning backdrop-it is the right chance to pop the question.


Fly in the sky in the hot air balloon

Desert safari is rustic but it gets top-notch with the real selling point- hot air balloon. Yes, the morning desert safari extends its itinerary with this experience that gives you the mega joy of flying in the air with your love by your side. Down is the sight to behold as the Abu Dhabi proudly showcases its desert oasis and picturesque environment. Be enthralled as the air flows by you, the sky turns red and desert wakes up. In this awe-inspiring trip with numerous photo opportunities, why not go down on the knees and propose her.

Dine at an exquisite restaurant

Blessed with premium sites, outstanding landscapes, beautiful buildings and gastronomical delights, Abu Dhabi is one awesome place to have an elegant dinner. Step into any of these restaurants and you are promised uncompromising service, delectable cuisine and romantic ambience-

  • Flooka
  • Cipriani
  • Beach House Rooftop
  • Stratos
  • Sontaya
  • Hakkasan
  • Board Eau

Go on a sunset cruise

Get your partner jitters with this amazing exploration in the sea. Feel and share the love on the private yacht that has customised decorations, food and entertainment- just the way you like. Capture splendid pictures, spend personal time, cheers champagne, devour your favourite meal and rejoice in the middle of the sea. It is extraordinary- there is nothing like watching the sunset with your beau. You can discover more and enjoy the wind by reaching up to the deck and feast your eyes on the majestic skyscrapers embellishing the horizon of Abu Dhabi.

Sip tea at Observation Deck at 300

The swanky and ultra-luxurious Jumeirah Hotel at Etihad Towers is famous for its high tea, tasty nibble and heavenly chocolate cakes. The spectacular panorama outside of the glittering skyline and desert adds to the taste and makes it worth every penny. Being beside your partner, holding his/ her hands and looking at this incredible view is everything for a romantic escape.

Join the mangrove tour

Here is the Abu Dhabi city tour that helps you travel the city from a different perspective. You can enjoy a breathtaking view while kayaking on water, stand up at paddle boarding, join the boat cruises,  learn about the culture in the educational tour and also set up camp. It brings together romance and adventure through the vast mangrove forests and exotic coastline. For something special, you can book the monthly Full Moon tour.

Book a couple’s massage

Since it has been a tiring vacation and you both would be looking for a relaxing session, how about signing up for a laid-back and therapeutic massage. There are the best options to give your muscle, mind and mood a soothing massage to get you back on track. Choose from-

  • Agarwood Bath
  • Swedish Massage at TheOne Spa
  • Anantara Spa

Watch your favourite movies in style

Grab a bucket of popcorn and sit with your honey to cherish the amazing movies. What’s so different here? The Theatre by Rhodes is not your usual cinema, as it is luxurious and offers a three-course meal. Minutely crafted by Michelin-starred chef Gary Rhodes, you can pick your menu. It doesn’t stop here- you will be seated in the recliners with blankets to spend the cosy time.

Now you know Abu Dhabi is also the romantic capital of UAE. Do comment which thing to do in Abu Dhabi is your favourite.


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