From Costa Paradiso to Capo Testa: the Sardinian beaches

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Written by our special guest-writer Norma Ricaldone

Between the stunning Costa Paradiso and Capo Testa, it is possible to visit some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.

They are all different from one another, each beach has its own characteristics and features, and they are all easily accessible. Their common point: all the beaches are extremely wonderful!

Let’s go through the path that follows the coast from Costa paradise to Capo Testa: the first beach we would find ourselves into is ‘Li Cossi’.

This particular place is incredibly stunning, in that it is composed of white sand, crystal clear waters and it is framed by mountains. In order to reach the beach, it is necessary to enter a residential area, where you can actually park your car. Once you have done that, you need to walk for about 15 minutes, and you will finally reach the seaside.


When in Li Cossi, you will find that the panorama is absolutely breath taking: admiring the river that comes from the mountains and ends in the blue water of the Mediterranean. The fresh sea is perfect for both a peaceful swim or for even snorkeling.


Moving into the next beach, we would now be in ‘Le Sorgenti’. To reach this spot, you will just need to park you car, and you will find that the beach is right in front of you.

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10 kilometres from Le Sorgenti is ‘Cala Sarraina’, a very big beach that is completely immersed in nature. You can get there by driving through a dirt road, from which you can enjoy an amazing view. This beach is particularly suitable for family with kids.
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Moving down to the next beach, we find ‘Naracu Nieddu’, which is also reachable through a dirty road that takes straight to the parking lot. From there it is only a 20 minutes walk to the seaside.
Naracu Nieddu08
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Naracu Nieddu04
Naracu Nieddu10

By walking towards the left side of the beach, you will end up in another gulf, ‘Lu Littaroni’. On the right side, on the other hand, is ‘Monte Russu’ a beach that alternates rocks with sand. When there, it is possible to enjoy the fresh marine breeze as well as the stunning sunsets.

Finally, by driving further down, you will reach Capo Testa. On the way there you will see several bays featuring white sand and crystal clear water, and if you have time to lose, you should definitely go check one out. From the lighthouse there are also some paths that end up in amazing deserted beaches.
Stunning natural landscapes and blue waters are main features of this part of Sardinia!
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Capo Testa 02
Capo Testa 05
Capo Testa 04

Another really interesting place to visit is also Valle della Luna, a beach made of smooth rocks, where a hippy community settled down over 60 years ago.
Valle Luna08a
Valle Luna02a
Valle Luna13a

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