Boracay Island

Boracay Island

Today for The Golden Scope  the destination will be to the Philippines; are you thinking about an holiday? An exotic holiday? Maybe to the sea… in a country made up of more than 7000 islands?

Boracay is one of these 7000 islands and if you look at its geometric shape, a rectangle of 10 km long and about 3 wide, it may seem no particularly interesting… instead in Philippines there is not  an other island of this type…

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Like all the islands of the tropical zone, Boracay is covered by a dense and lush vegetation in particular: coconut trees. This abundance of fruit trees is “appreciated” by a nice local species of bats called for this reason “fruit bats”

Boracay in recent years has had a significant tourist development and it is also equipped of beautiful resorts well integrated in nature, with the white beaches and the turquoise sea. An enjoyment for tourists!

Just to make the tourist’s stay as pleasant as possible, several clubs were born, they allow to practice some sports marine, helping to maintain physical fitness… in addition to being very funny!

Kiting is a “young” sport born in 1999 as a variant of surfing and allows you to make spectacular evolutions with the surfboard. The board is driven by a kind of kite and so the waves become the stepping stones. Just 20 meters from the sea on Bulabong Beach is the Kite-Club Boracay with qualified instructors.

Of course Windsurf is the most popular sport, it’s possible to go surfing in the bay Bulabog where the wind is blowing angle to the wonderful beach that stretches for two kilometres. Also for this popular sport there are instructors who take courses both for beginners and advanced courses for people already expert.

Boracay is the ideal place for those who like the famous places because it is into the international circuit of tourism. A place with excellent accommodation facilities and “wind and sea” for lovers of water sports. Another island of the beautiful Philippine archipelago where in the evening you can enjoy the magical sunsets… with the sun diving into the sea at the horizon… and rising from the sea, in another hemisphere of our amazing planet …

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