Lena Pillars Nature Park

Lena Pillars Nature Park

In Siberia there is an area extended for about one million hectares that only 20 years ago has been transformed in the “Lena Pillars Nature Park”.

This area has kept intact its characteristics and strange rock formations, the Lenskije Stolby and the experts have estimated that they have some millions of years! The scenery looks like a lunar landscape…

These extraordinary cliffs are high from 150 to 300 meters, overlooking the Fulda River Lena, that “accompany” for about 10 kilometers, and a forest unique because there is a very special ecosystem with temperature changing about 100° degrees, going from 60 ° below zero in winter to +40° in the summer.

During the course of the millennia, the erosion created by the alternation of the water that freezes and thaws, created deep chasms which separate these amazing vertical rocks.

This area also preserve a lot of precious archaeological finds of the history of humanity; in fact ancient tools of agricultural works and stone axes were found.

These prehistoric findings date back to three million years ago, and help to give a special charm to that area.

Another wonder of nature is Arctic Tukulany desert, unique phenomena for a latitude so far north.

Into the sand dunes, which during the day can reach temperatures of 40 degrees, some southern vegetable were found, it’s absolutely atypical for an area so cold. And finally, in that zone the fossils of mammoths, bison and other mammals extinct were recovered.

Obviously all these wonders have been included by UNESCO in the List of World Heritage Sites!


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