Rotorua and the thermal sources

hellsgate - Rotorua and the thermal sources

New Zealand, a fairyland… it’s impossible not to think about the saga of The Lord of the Rings and its beautiful natural settings, … a country where most of us would like to live…

A country with multiple natural beauties, ranging from the sea to the mountains, from the scenic plains to the lakes of breathtaking beauty, and then… volcanoes, geysers and hot thermal sources.

Rotorua is a little town located in the North Island and it is strongly influenced by tourism, since the nineteenth century, its thermal sources with therapeutic properties  are very popular in New Zealand.

The Hells Gate SPA, a name a program! In fact, already at the entrance, you will find yourself immersed in a real “environment theme” with pools and channels of boiling and steaming mud!

Obviously special thanks aside, full of mud, were created, these tanks have a warm temperature, they are bearable for the human and the mud used for therapeutic purposes without burning…

A lush greenery landscape surrounds everything and thermal vapors creates light effects …. a very relaxing atmosphere.

There is also the Polynesian SPA, with a greater number of pools and gardens then Hells Gate SPA, moreover it is not immersed in the wilderness.

In the whole area of Rotorua town, the underground is a hot thermal source; residents may have their own SPA in the garden!

At sunset the thermal steam rises from the ground and plays with the sun, we are in New Zealand, Gandalf, the old wizard of the Lord of the Rings, could appear, riding his white horse and with his inseparable magic stick in his right hand…


T H E   V I D E O S



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