Japan’s top cherry blossom spots

Japan’s top cherry blossom spots

What could be more beautiful than walking down a road framed with trees covered in pink flowers? If a road is not for you because it could get noisy with cars, then think about a riverside contoured by trees.

Close your eyes and try picturing the whole scene. You can hear the water flow, the birds singing and the wind blowing. When you look at the canal, you can see hundreds of pink petals covering it, just like a carpet on the floor. And when you look up, the sky is hidden behind branches and pink petals.

This whole description sounds like a dream. Well, what if I tell you that a place like this actually exists? As a matter of fact, what I described above is no other than one of the numerous places where you can watch cherry blossoms in Japan.

One of the most traditional Nippon celebrations is the Hanami, a custom of enjoying the transient beauty of cherry blossoms—called sakura in Japanese.

From the end of March to early May, sakura bloom all over Japan. There are, of course, some places that are more suggestive and romantic than others, so The Golden Scope selected a few and listed them all down for you.

So, to cut it short, if you are planning to go to Japan any time soon, you should try head to any of the destinations mentioned below, and see for yourself how beautiful, wonderful and unique the Hanami is.

Nagoya Castle, Aichi

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Arashiyama, Kyoto

Senkoji Park, Hiroshima

Mount Yoshino, Nara

Japan Mint, Osaka

Nago Castle, Okinawa


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