Dana Nature Reserve

Dana Nature Reserve

Jordan, a fascinating country, a real mosaic of emotions ” overwhelms” the visitors that visit it…

The ancient cities, deserts with their amazing oasis, the Dead Sea and in general the picturesque nature with many protected areas created bye the efforts of the Hashemite Kingdom and its environmental policy. These multiple “faces” of the same nation worth visiting.

In this context the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature was created, it must maintain and preserve with care and severity the natural Jordanian riches and this has attracted the attention of fans around the world.

Dana Nature Reserve was established recently, it is a “pearl” of the Jordan, with its 300 square kilometers, it includes a set of gorges and mountains extending from the upper Rift valley until desert lowlands of Wadi Araba.

These beautiful landscapes are the environment of several species at risk of extinction, as the ibex, the rates, the mountain gazelles and red foxes; these species are not accustomed to the presence of humans and, for this the images are very rare.

Finally, this area also offers archaeological and cultural sites, such as the ancient copper mines of Wadi Faynan, discovered only in 1998, and the ancient stone houses, with vaulted ceiling, the village of Dana that have been restored by the government to keep intact the characteristic traditional look.

All this and much more is Jordan, a little known country that gained independence in 1946, governed by a constitutional monarchy that is doing so much for the people and the nation… The Golden Scope will talk to you again about it!


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