Cervia’s Salina Nature Reserve

Cervia's Salina Nature Reserve

Emilia-Romagna is the Italian region where is the Po Delta National Park. The great river Po runs through the plain of northern Italy. The park, established in 1988, comprises approximately 54000 hectares in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna. Since 1999 it is part of the UNESCO List of World Heritage thanks to its natural beauty.

This large area is divided into 6 areas and one of them includes the inside of the coastal town named Cervia; this is the territory of the nature reserve saline which today we explore with you.

Cervia has always been linked to the “white gold”, ie salt. The first historical traces of the salt mines dating back to Etruscan times and initially the town was built in the middle of the same saline. Later, in 1697, Pope Innocent ordered the construction of the town in a healthier area…

The reserve saline is a protected area, inside it there are a factory for the production of salt by industrial method, but also the ancient and historic saline “Camillone” where the collection of the salt is made with the traditional method.

In fact, this handicraft collection takes place every day by wooden tools; this method called “Cervia” is used in saline Camillone, and it has been handed down from generation to generation since ancient times.

The park has become a state nature reserve in 1979 and offers very picturesque landscapes populated by rare species such as terns, flamingos and cormorants, as well as common species like the seagulls because the sea is only a kilometer and a half away.

The flora of the reserve is varied and it is famous both for plants with culinary properties, and especially, for those with medicinal properties, these are still used in herbal medicine.

Cervia’s nature reserve saline, a curious and interesting park of more than 800 hectares. If you are lucky to be there in the magical time of sunset, you can admire the sun playing with water tanks while flamingos and other species of aquatic birds, that are on the ground or in flight, contribute to paint the beautiful landscape.


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