Azzinano, the village where the walls tell…

Azzinano, the village where the walls tell...

Abruzzo is a region of central Italy with natural beauties such as the Gran Sasso National Park, one of the most beautiful of Italy. It includes the territories of Pescara, Aquila and Teramo.

Today we visit a small village in the Teramo’s province, part of the municipality of the small town Tossicia, located on a hill about 400 meters above sea level with just over 1400 inhabitants.

Its name is Azzinano and it is a charming and picturesque village typical of the Abruzzo mountains; with narrow and winding alleys separating the houses thus providing an image of massiveness.

Usually these small towns offers to visitors a leap into the past, in a time not far away but in which everyone can live in a less stressful way… but Azzinano offers even more, with the event “The walls tell… the games of a time. ”

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This unique event is held every year in Azzinano. Great and beautiful murals show the games with attractive colors that invent a magic atmosphere for all the streets of the village.

Year after year, artists from all over Italy created, creates and will create, works that completely cover the exterior walls of homes, using a variety of colors that brings fun. A cheerful attraction for groups of tourists and school trips with children thinking to be in a sort of amusement park.

These small villages, in our modern times, are often abandoned by the population, for reasons related to work and, unfortunately they become deserted and abandoned to themselves… but Azzinano is fortunate… it has an illustrious inhabitant…

Annunziata Scipione, one of the most important Italian naive painters, a very special woman, lives here… Annunziata has peasant origins, almost without instruction, but she has a natural and absolutely pure talent because she has no kind of notion and technical education about painting!

Thanks to this illustrious presence,  Azzinano is a country in excellent condition also and especially because since 2001, every summer, the event “The walls tell… the games of a time” takes place. During which, grandparents are overwhelmed by nostalgia… the walls depict the games when they were children!  Instead grandchildren, the generation of electronic video games, are fascinated by colorful murals and by those “strange and simple” games…

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