Nalychevo Nature Park

Nalychevo Nature Park

Nalychevo Nature Park—located in the Kamchatka region in Russia—was created in 1995 and it covers 287.000 hectares of the Nalychevo river valley.

The territories within the park’s borders present a complex geological composition and greatly interesting volcanic, magmatic and hydrothermal activity.

Nalychevo includes all the lands from the Nalychevo valley to the shores of the Pacific Ocean, and the mountains situated in the park are all ancient extinct volcanoes, a part from four that are still active.

Avachinsky Volcano

Thanks to the modern volcanic landscapes blending with ancient glaciers, the climate is quite mild, and so the Nalychevo river valley is characterised by an abundance and diversity of plant and animal life.

Koryaksky Volcano

More precisely the park is home to 33 mammals such as bears, wild reindeers, and snow sheep; 145 bird species including the Pacific brant, Steller’s sea eagle, sea eagle, Arctic falcon, peregrine falcon, golden eagle; and numerous plants and flowers.

Thanks to its rich wildlife and breath-taking natural landscapes, Nalychevo has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, so a year after its establishment.


If you want to reach the park you could either drive there from the village of Pinachevo, or, if you want a more adventurous trip, you could also hike there. Be aware that the hiking trail is 40 km long and so it would take you between 2 to 3 days to reach Nalychevo.

For those of you who just want it easy, then there is an option to fly straight there with an helicopter.


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