The Chelsea Flower Show

The Chelsea Flower Show

England, an European country with a rich history and deep-rooted traditions. Its people is proud of the royal family, a really symbol of continuity above all thanks to the “eternal” Queen Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom.

A lot of symbols of the English traditions have become some true icons for tourism … anyone who thinks about this country, thinks to the image of Big Ben, the Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and then the royal guard with his characteristic and unmistakable uniform.

Anyway, back to the English traditions. One of them in particular is dedicated to spring  and to flowers with their cheerful colors. A famous floral event that was born at the beginning of the nineteenth century. It has had some stages of evolution but thanks to the Royal Horticultural Society takes place from 1913, in the heart of London, it’s named Chelsea Flower Show.

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The event happens at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a hospital built in the late 1600s to cure soldiers coming back from the bloody battles of the time. Then it became a shelter home for British soldiers elderly.

The Chelsea Flower Show is the most prestigious English floral show. In 2013, on the centenary, for the first time a member of the royal family, Prince Harry, has exposed its own creation and so on the opening day, Queen Elizabeth with her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, and the heir to the throne Prince Charles, were present.

In 1913 the Queen Mery inaugurated the first edition of the Flower Show and even today this tradition continues with the current queen, who annually visits the gardens, the day before the opening to the public, accompanied by some members of the royal family.

During the event exhibitors participate with their creations in a major competition and, according to different categories, they are subject to the vote of a jury of botanists, designers, gardeners and university professors who assign, for each category, a medal: gold, silver gilt, silver and bronze medals.

Annually more than 170.000 visitors admire the gardens of the Chelsea Flower Show and take part in the events accompanying the exhibition, as concerts, dances and live music. This year edition of this world important event, takes place from 24th May to 28th May and so for the lucky holders of tickets, usually they are sold out some months before the inauguration, the “anxious” wait is almost over…





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