Taung Kalat, a spiritual vacation

Taung Kalat

These hectic and competitive modern times force a lot of us to live daily with the stress and fatigue so as soon is possible we feel the need to stop and allow our minds and spirit to rest….if possible in quiet and picturesque places…

So, to get away from the pressures that mark our days, and to regenerate the spirit, today The Golden Scope has decided to ” to bring” in Myanmar, a beautiful country in the Far East.


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, in the past named Burma, has a special charm that gently envelops everyone who visits its places with the temples that magically transmit a kind of inner peace …

In the middle of Myanmar there is the Mount Popa National Park, it was established in 1989 and its main point of interest is due to the mountain dominating the plain with its strange conical shape due to the fact which was once a volcano.

Climbing Mount Popa, 1518 meters high, means to do 777 steps, a real physical effort because local traditions say that it to be done barefoot in honor of “Nat”, the 37 guardian spirits dwelling in Taungkalat Monastery …on top of the mountain.

Then, the path of 777 steps is “populated” by a lot of funny monkeys to guard the temple, they often approach visitors to steal whatever is to eat… some very comic situations…

It’s difficult to describe by words the shocking beauty of the landscape that can be seen from the temple but certainly the photos and the video, that we have selected for you, will help to give honor to this mystical place… one of the most beautiful in the world!

The Temple of Taungkalat, as we said in the title, is the perfect place for a spiritual vacation to contemplate the beauty of our beautiful planet and at the same time to restore our stressed spirit; one of those rare places where the magical atmosphere is a caress for the soul…


T H E   V I D E O


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