The amazing Lake Atitlan

Atitlan Lake

Guatemala, a country that offers visitors beautiful and spectacular landscapes, rare to find in other areas of our planet.

Today The Golden Scope chose to show the Lake Atitlan because it is a perfect example of what we just said.


The German explorer Alexander von Humboldt defined it “the most beautiful lake in the world”, Atitlan has a volcanic basin that is located in an enormous caldera formed by the eruption of about 84000 years ago!

It has a depth of 340 meters, it is the deepest lake in Central America, and it is “surrounded” by three volcanoes with whom the inhabitants of several villages along the coast live.

The local population is predominantly of Mayan culture and it’s exciting, almost mystical, walk around in the villages between the people who wear traditional clothes; everything create a magical atmosphere, especially for visitors who look around almost in disbelief….

Several villages are not connected by roads that cross the perimeter of the lake and, therefore, they can only be reached by boat across the lake or with narrow, winding roads through the surrounding mountains. This lack of infrastructure allows this area to maintain its original features.

It is undoubtedly the Mayan culture that helps make special the lake and the surrounding area. Do you think that, in this area,15 different dialects are spoken, Maya is the main language and not everyone speaks Spanish.

Between all the villages situated along the shores of Lake Atitlan, San Pedro la Laguna is perhaps the most impressive. It’s a quiet and little village unfrequented by tourists; it is located near the volcano San Pedro that “watch” over it.

Lake Atitlan, a lake located at 1,500 meters above sea level but it is not difficult to climb it! Its name has a particular significance in the Mayan language “place where the rainbow gets colors”. You can not really claim to know this charming area if you do not go on top to watch the sunset and then if you do not stop at hot springs, which are located next to the Buddah Bar.


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