The Gulf of Aqaba

The Gulf of Aqaba

Recently we wrote about Jordan, in particular about its desert inland areas, but at the end of the article, we promised you that we would have written more about this interesting country.

Today The Golden Scope holds the promise, we tell you about the Gulf of Aqaba, this area is located in the south and includes the town with the same name that overlooks the Red Sea and it is also the main port of Jordan.

b1 aqaba-city

Aqaba is, historically and cinematically, famous, because during the First World War was conquered by Tomas Edward Lawrence, the famous Lawrence of Arabia, he won against the Turkish-Ottoman.

Aqaba with its bay is the only true outlet to the sea of Jordan. It has a population of over 100.000 people and it is considered an area of high tourist potential thanks to the mild climate, in winter hardly falls below 20°, because there is the benefit from the desert mountains that surround it.

The coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba is among the finest in the Red Sea, with very welcoming beaches and a coral reef rich in biodiversity, as the flora as the fauna.

It is possible, at short distance from the coast, to find into this sea, a magical world populated by a myriad of multicolored fish circling in the water as if they were dancing ….

p 211 aqaba42

In this area you can go sailing, fishing, snorkeling and trips on glass-bottomed boats where you will see fish lazily swimming beneath you …

It is also interesting to visit the bird observatory, the marine science center, the archaeological museum and the Mamluk Fort.

But the Red Sea is the main attraction and with the trigger fish, the sea anemones, the fish parrot, the fish clown…the pipefish and also with the huge but absolutely harmless whale sharks; we can assure you that swimming into the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba you will never be alone ….


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