Heron, a wild island


Australia is a country that has great appeal especially to those who, like the writer of this article,  lives in Europe …  wild, untouched and preserved scenery because the nature is respected!

Heron Island is the confirmation of the above said, and it is an example to explain the great Oceania’s fascination…. not only on Europeans ….

When The Golden Scope saw the beautiful pictures of the island,  immediately decided, no need to talk about it, to dedicate it an article. It was necessary to show it, to all those who have not yet had the opportunity to visit it.

Also reach the island consists of a spectacular trip… in fact, the lucky visitors, after a “normal” flight of about 50 minutes from Brisbane to Gladstone, will reach Heron by a catamaran daily at 11 o’clock; with a journey of almost two hours during which, dolphins and seagulls ” accompany” them on the island.

This wonderful place is a coral atoll that straddles the Tropic of Capricorn, at more than 70 kilometers from the coast… where the famous Australian coral reef begins… a small strip of land in the blue of the ocean… away from everything and everyone ….

Heron is very very small, it can be circumnavigated in about an half of hour. The only accommodation is Heron Island Resort, which occupies nearly one-third of the atoll. It is, as you can imagine, an amazing beauty!

The Resort was built respecting the environment with its chalets made of wood, in which there is no type of technology, no internet, TV, telephone and air conditioning; only and exclusively the nature of the South Pacific pampers guests …. you should know that the lighting is very dim not to disturb animals and birds!

As we said, the island straddles the reef and, therefore, scuba diving allow you to get in touch with a phantasmagorical world populated by a myriad of multicolored fish and turtles. In the period from November to March , these turtles lay their eggs in holes dug in the sand, while from June to September you can also do: Whale-Watching!

Heron and the Australian wilderness, an unforgettable experience away from the “civilized world”. Each of us should be able to do at least once in the life!


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