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Brazil Archives - The Golden Scope

Best jungle lodges in the Amazon

If you wish to be totally immersed in nature; then what’s better than a lodge located in the middle of the Amazon jungle?
Since most of you


Discovering Ouro Preto

Brazil, this country evokes in our mind images of holidays, sun and sea in its wonderful beaches … but it is even more…
Today The Golden Scope


The Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro

In the beautiful Rio de Janeiro, right at the foot of the Corcovado, there is the Botanical Garden, a place where you can admire the lush tropical


Most popular party islands

Some times tanning by the beach and going for a swim every now and then could turn out to be boring. Don’t get me wrong; relaxing by


Discovering Tumucumaque National Park

Tumucumaque National Park is located in northwestern Brazil, and it is nestled away inside the Amazon Forest.

Tumucumaque was declared a national park in 2002, thanks


Fernando de Noronha Archipelago

Brazil is one of the pearls of South America; when we think about it, immediately we think of holidays on the beautiful beaches famous around the world


Brazil’s most beautiful beaches

When thinking about Brazil the first thing popping into you mind would probably be Rio de Janeiro—and of course the Football World Cup.
However, this beautiful South


Alter do Chão, a dream vacation

Located 33km west of Santarém in Brazil, Alter do Chão is renowned for the picturesque white-sand island—Ilha do Amor (Island of Love)—which is situated directly in front


When nature designs and builds tunnels

Sunsets, sunrises, and incredible landscapes are all things that Mother Nature constantly awards us with. Wonderful natural shows are every person’s soft spot: who wouldn’t want to admire