Christmas nativity cribs on the Adriatic coast

Christmas nativity cribs on the Adriatic coast

Italy is the Country of the Christmas nativity cribs… from north to south and the islands; families, craftsmen, private and public organizations;  all are committed to create their own crib… following the traditional and religious canons of Christmas but also expressing a lot of creativity.

The Adriatic coast is one of the best organized Italian areas for tourism. The coast and its equipped beaches attract tourists from all over the world in the summer time but also the inside area offers some natural beauties…

Here, good management of tourism could not ignore the Christmas period, during which, of course, its beaches are not practical for the swimmers and so it has dedicated to a series of initiatives about the nativity cribs.

Bellaria-Igea Marina is a coastal town in the famous province of Rimini; it’s located far south of Emilia-Romagna region and it offers tourists during this time, until the middle of January 2018, the possibility to admire a nativity crib made with the main ” raw material” of the Adriatic coast: the sand.

Here, the Christmas atmosphere is revealed not only by the sand sculptures on the beach, even by the streets festooned with multicolored lights and also with the “Cribs in barrels”, some artistic creations that have the distinction of having been made in old restored barrels.

But also in Cervia, that we mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are very impressive Christmas environments because they are made by another special raw materials typical of this town: the salt!

And then in Torre Pedrera, a village at north of Rimini, there is a beautiful Nativity to admire for the particularity that it is set in the Roman period and the details are very cared!

Our Christmas tour of the Adriatic coast could only end in Rimini where into the sand Nativity, near the famous Ferris wheel, the main monuments of this city are represented:  from the Tiberius Bridge to the Cathedral. Walking through the streets you will find several other Christmas nativity cribs that, together some characteristic markets, help to create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere…also at Christmas time…

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