Watamu, a blue paradise

Watamu, a blue paradise

Kenya, an African country that has had, especially in certain areas such as Malindi, a great tourist development and, that attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Visitors who wish to experience a safari and to get in touch with typical wild animals of Africa and then to enjoy the crystal clear sea and its welcoming beaches.

Perhaps not everyone knows that just 15 kilometers from developed and a bit ‘inflated for tourism Malindi, there is a blue paradise: Watamu.

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In Swahili language, Watamu means “gentle people” and it’s true… visitors are welcomed, surrounded and pampered by the local people.

“Blue paradise” because the blue sea merges with the horizon of the clear and breezy sky…  the feeling is there is not a “border” between the one and the other…

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The coast of Kenya has white beaches, coves, inlets and mangroves but Watamu, thanks to the fact that it is less popular of Malindi, addition to all that, offers the right combination of peace, tranquility, and of adventure… and an untouched sea.

In the past, this beautiful place was a simple fishing village. Today, despite the development of tourism, it is a very quiet town, with kilometers of white beaches, where the sand is soft and impalpable as talcum powder; where palm trees of every shape and height offer coconuts near the shore while local children dive into the clear and calm waters of the Indian Ocean and their mothers, wrapped in colorful kangas, observe them amused and proud!

The low tides play with the sand creating atolls in the ocean and these atolls are within walking distance! There you can see the strange and surprising bottom of the sea, the rocks that appear with their bizarre profile shaped by water over time and colorful crabs falling fast in their dens.

All this is Watamu, a blue paradise where small wood boats sail the sea and fishermen with subdued movements are dedicated to fishing with nets while the seagulls flying around on the water and the life of human being, birds, fish, seems marked by slow rhythms, by sunlight and by the peace that intoxicates the soul…


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