What to see when in Amsterdam

What to see when in Amsterdam

As you all know, Amsterdam is the capital and most populous city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

This beautiful city is considered as one of the best European weekend getaways. Indeed, if you’re based anywhere in Europe, and feel like going on a break somewhere new; Amsterdam could be the perfect place where to relax and be immersed in a local friendly atmosphere.

The long and narrow canals that run through the Dutch capital and the ancient short buildings make this city as unique and wonderful. Be aware of the fact that Amsterdam is in north of Europe, so during winter it could get quite cold up there. The best time to go is from March until October – avoiding completely the winter season.


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If you love the freezing cold, then it’s another story. Amsterdam turns into a winter wonderland, as it gets covered in snow during the months of December and January. When the small city is colored in white, it becomes magical. Maybe it’s not like Lapland, but it still has it’s own “wintery” charm!

Anyway, since our mission is to take you through the most beautiful places on earth; we decided today we would take you through some of Amsterdam’s most beautiful attractions. In other words, when and if you’re travelling there, you cannot miss the places and locations that are mentioned below. All of the following attractions are “must-sees”.

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam


De Wallen

Anne Frank House





Canals of Amsterdam


T H E   V I D E O


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