Top destinations for a “Bear Safari”

Top destinations for a “Bear Safari”

If you are imagining a safari, probabily you are thinking about the wild animals of the african savannah… in fact this is the best known holiday safari.

A different kind of safari is throw the desert, by jeep or more suggestively… on a camel.

Today we want to introduce you to a different kind of safari: the “bear-safari”. This safari is possible in more than one place in the world, of course in environments inhabited by bears but, according to scientists, there are eight species of bear spread in various continents of North America, Europe and Asia.

So if you love animals and have already experienced one of the safaris that we mentioned before, try this new experience… and start dreaming Alaska, or the canadian woods… in search of bears in their natural habitat…

Piatra Craiului Mountains, Romania

Admiralty Island, Alaska

Wrangel Island, Russia

Wolong National Nature Reserve, China

Svalbard Polar Bear Safari, Norway

Katmai National Park, Alaska


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