The kingdom of the water

Austria - carinzia

Austria is one of the European countries that have not access to the sea. However, it is crossed by a large river: the Danube and Carinthia, the southernmost of its 9 Confederate States, is known as the kingdom of the water.

At this point, considering that its southernmost state is surrounded by the mountain range of Alps, you’re probably wondering…why it is known as the kingdom of the water?

Because in Carinthia there are no less than 44 beautiful lakes, many of which are safe for swimming, of course in the summer, thanks to their clean waters.

Some of these, including the Faaker See and the Weissensee, have the waters of amazing colors ranging from blue/turquoise to green, these colors recall some wonderful ocean basin such as the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

These natural beauty attracts tourists from all over Europe and several other areas of our planet, a lot of them go there with their families due to the excellent accommodation and equipped infrastructure that Carinthia offers.

Lake Turnersee is one of the warmest swimming lake in Europe; its water during the summer reaches temperatures of 28 °! On its pristine shores, without buildings, the namesake bird park was created. There it’s possible to observe more than 1.000 different species of animals including some exotic.

There are many other special features in this region, from the incredible but true water’s potability of most lakes to the uniqueness of the lake Turracher, it is located at the unusual altitude of 1.763 meters; in addition there is the fact that Hotel Hocschober has turned a significant part of this lake into a heated swimming pool with a water at a constant temperature of 30 °!

These oddities or wonders, depending on your point of view, make Carinthia the kingdom of the water!


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