Dominica, the island of nature

Dominica, the island of nature

Thinking about the Central America and the Caribbean in particular, everyone imagines an unforgettable holiday surrounded by the clear sea with white beaches on which to meet locals with their cheerful and multicolored clothing.

The Golden Scope has discovered one of the smallest nations in the world, a Caribbean island, outside of major international tourist routes: Dominica, also known as the “island of nature”.

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Not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, with Santo Domingo; Dominica is a parliamentary democracy, part of the Commonwealth, and it is a wild island, unsuitable for tourist groups… but it is the ideal place for divers, naturalists and those who love sport excursions.

The island has about 70.000 inhabitants, most of them descendants of African slaves of the past centuries, it is known as “island of nature” because it has an hinterland with lakes and rivers with beautiful waterfalls, rainforests and hot springs to be discovered such as the “Boiling Lake”

About the excursions, in the wild hinterland of Dominica, there are also some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, such as Morne Diablotin with its 1500 meters above sea level…it’s only for well-equipped sports.

The Morne Trois Pitons National Park, placed in 1997 on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is another marvel to explore …  inaccessible forests, the “Valley of Desolation” with its mud lakes and geysers… but also lakes and waterfalls with crystal clear waters…all these are the surprises that the park reserves to its visitors!

Dominica is one of the poorest islands in the Caribbean, but with a very hospitable people. Maybe this population wouldn’t be equally well disposed towards shouting and noisy groups of tourists which might “disturb” the peace of this Caribbean paradise without the “usual”  hotels and resorts!

Fortunately the unsuitable geological configuration of this island keeps away the tourist track, leaving untouched this rare corner of our planet… here the unique and unparalleled holiday companion is… Mother Nature!

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