Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

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“Harbin Ice and Snow Festival” is known in the word as the “International Festival of snow Ice sculptures”. It is an annual winter festival and, as the name suggests, it takes place at Harbin, in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang.

“Harbin Ice and Snow Festival” is considered the most famous in the world. When it was created, in 1963, the participants were only Chinese, but in time more and more foreigners have joined the competition.

The photos and the video that you will see, almost did not make the magnificence of the huge ice sculptures, so it is very likely that many of you will want take a trip with destination: Harbin!


The origins of the festival are dated 1963, when Harbin was chosen to host the Ice lantern show and the Garden party, that take place in winter.

The Cultural Revolution abolished the two festivals and only 5 January 1985 these winter traditional festivities began again to be celebrated.

In 2001, the Ice festival in Harbin was merged with the International Festival of Heilongjiang skiing and from that moment took the name by which it is known today.


Because Harbin is the “icily”ideal  location. Thanks to the wind from Siberia, the temperature goes up to -16.8 ° C!


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