Lasqueti Island

Lasqueti Island

Canada is a country second in size only to Russia; it offers a lot of natural beauties…for example, it has more lakes and rivers than any other nation on the planet.

Other impressive features: its border with the United States, 8893 km, is the longest in the world and its geographical position has two coastal areas that are wet from two great oceans of the earth, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean; and so the time zone difference between the west and east coasts is 5 hours!

The Gulf Islands are located in front of the Canadian coast bathed by the Pacific Ocean, more precisely in the Strait of Georgia between the mainland Province of British Columbia and the Vancouver Island.

Initially Gulf Islands were only those in the northern part of the strait but since the 90s their name included even those of the southern part with the specification of the name: “Southern Gulf Islands” and “Northern Gulf Islands” . Among the Northern Gulf Islands, The Golden Scope has “discovered” a wonderful little island …

Lasqueti Island is a small little known paradise, with just over 400 inhabitants; it’s outside of international tourist routes being poorly equipped for the development of tourism itself.

It is connected to the mainland, just 20 kilometers away, only by a ferry that makes two / three times a day for five days a week. It has a hotel and a restaurant in False Bay, where the ferry arrives, three Bed and Breakfast and a shop where the goods payment is made through barter! But all services are limited because seasonal… also the ferry is only active when the weather conditions permit!

All that allows Lasqueti to preserve its wild natural beauty! No asphalt on the streets and the all houses are perfectly integrated in the nature. No bulky electrical substations because electricity on the island is produced by wind or solar systems or even by self-generators. For the security there is a truck fire department with two operating volunteers!

Finally… we at The Golden Scope love animals in general and dogs in particular; so we were literally delighted when we discovered that at Lasqueti Island there is a St. Bernard dog colony. These dogs live in the wild and they are ready to welcome affectionately everyone, adults or children… asking in return only so many cuddles…


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