The Sahara’s lakes

OuniangaSerir Sahara's lake

The deserts are commonly known for the arid climate, the almost total lack of rains and, consequently, the rare availability of water and, therefore, of vegetation.

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But, there are oases where it’s possible to find both water and vegetation.


Today we will tell You about something goes beyond….

In the northeast of Chad, in Africa, in the middle of  Sahara, there is a real wonder of nature, the Ounianga lakes.

Be careful… we are talking in the plural, “lakes”… the existence of  one lake in the desert Is an exception..  but there are 18 lakes, they are interconnected… they are a unique natural miracle of our beautiful planet!

These incredible lakes were formed thousands of years ago and survived many geological upheavals…. their total area is about 20 square kilometers, corresponding to the surface of a medium size lake anywhere in the world but, considering their amazing geographical position, it’ another surprising aspect!

The biggest is Yoa Lake, with about 3 square kilometers and  a depth of up to 20 meters! A small lake? No, a great lake if you consider where it is: in the Sahara!

Normally the extreme temperatures of the desert would cause the evaporation very quickly but Ounianga Lakes have vast underground reserves of fossil groundwater that continuously feeds them “replacing” the lost water.

In the absence of this stratum also an ocean would have evaporated in a short time, however the nature allows us to admire this wonderful area, imagining being on another planet and not in the middle of the Sahara on our Earth….


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