Torres del Paine National Park

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On our planet there are many national parks where it’s possible to see, based on the different continents where they are, wonderful… amazing flora and fauna.

Everyone offers landscapes, plains, forests, rivers, mountains, valleys, lakes, able to enchant each of us by the beauty of the work of Mother Nature!

Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile, is internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful of the world because it is located on an unspoilt area and this is very attractive for ecological tourism.

Torres del Paine National Park

It was founded in 1959 and in 1978 UNESCO declared it as Biosphere Reserve. There, you’ll can find mountain ranges as the Cerro del Paine, formed mostly of granite and whose origin dates back to 12 million years ago, with Its highest peak reaching 3,050 meters above sea level.

Thanks to its large surface area, it has a large variety of natural environments that, in addition to the aforementioned mountain ranges, includes very striking rivers as the Rio Paine, lakes and glaciers.

The park’s climate is very unstable and ventilated during the summer, between December and February, the average temperatures range from a low of about 1° and the maximum of about 23°, generating an average temperature of about 12 °!

The vegetation is depending on the area where it is located and the most common animals living into Torres del Paine are guanacos, ostriches, condors, pumas, gray foxes and a large variety of birds that live mainly in the areas of the lakes and lagoons.

Chile has an enviable location from different points of view and it is a very beautiful country for a travel, starting from the capital Santiago, which is 2,500 kilometers away from the park which we’re telling you.

However you can not really to say to have visited Chile without a complete tour of the beautiful National Park Torres del Paine!


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