Samanà, the peninsula of whales

Samanà, the peninsula of whales

Samanà peninsula is one of the most beautiful areas of the Dominican Republic.


It is the best-preserved in the nation and it offers visitors the opportunity to feel part of the wilderness.

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All-inclusive hotels are rare because it is still a destination dedicated to independent tourism.

Samanà is a kind of ecological paradise: mangrove swamps, islets, caves with rock paintings and an exuberant nature.

Every year from mid-January to mid-March, humpback whales come together, they are in breeding season…

Thousands whales meet herds departed from Greenland and Iceland and they mate, have their pups and spend the winter.

Do you think that they are among the largest marine mammals, measuring on average 12 to 15 meters and having a weigh up to 60 tons!

Males win “humpback whale’s heart” by a real competition!  When their females fall in love, they begin a spectacular series of water games, made of jumps, shots fin, diving and all kinds of stunts…. an extraordinary show…..

Also it’s possible to listen a magic song, which runs the deep sea through invisible channels!

“The song of love”, a serenade that the male devotes to his female. The whale season in Dominican Republic is wonderful!

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